Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Citizen Loss Reports from the Winter Storm

The State of Washington issued a press release regarding reporting losses from the recent winter storm. It suggests that you contact your local emergency management office in addition to your insurance agency.

Information to have on hand includes:
  • Name and address of the affected property.

  • A description of damage, even if it insured.

  • A personal estimate of losses that will be uninsured.

  • An estimate of the fair market value of the damaged home or business.

  • Keep records of all clean-up and repair costs and, if possible, document with photographs.

For loss reports here in Clark County, please contact our Damage Reporting Line at 360-737-1911, ext 3972 and leave your name and a phone number where we can return your call on the next business day between the hours of 8a-5p. (Our offices will be closed on 1/1/09.)

Your information will be recorded on a spreadsheet here in our CRESA office which will be forwarded to the State of Washington for consideration should they apply for federal assistance to assist in the recovery from this storm.

If federal assistance programs do become available, we will continue to update this blog with the latest information. Please realize that despite the collection of this information, we can offer no guarantees that federal assistance programs will become available to cover your loss.